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Pizza Delivery of the Future
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When it comes to the race for developing a self-driving car, most people associate it with the transportation of people. But delivering goods from Point A to Point B is full of opportunities as well. Enter the pizza delivery of the future.

Ford’s autonomous vehicles and electrification division is currently planning to start testing pizza delivery this month. Using a driverless Ford Fusion equipped with a plethora of sensors and software, the automotive company has created a vehicle that will find its way to customers’ home and offices in a small town near Detroit. The car will scan the road using radar and cameras that will compare the images with highly detailed maps so that it knows its exact position at all times.

When a customer places an order for their pizza, they’ll be given the opportunity to have the car deliver it to their residence. Because there is no driver, the customer will be alerted by text when the car arrives and will have to walk outside to collect their order. Once at the car, they will be directed to a touch screen which will allow them to enter their phone number and collect their pizza from an insulated compartment.

Ford has been criticized for their lack of development in driverless technology, so this experiment offers a chance to showcase what they’ve been working on. If the technology takes off as expected, this driverless mode of delivery will become the norm by 2021.

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