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5 Ways You Can Make Your Pizza Healthy
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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Who doesn’t love this Italian export?

Pizza is not just something you eat, it is something you experience.

All five senses of yours are stimulated by a single slice of pizza. Nothing can beat its aroma, the sight of molten cheese on top of it, the feel of its crust in your hands, the crunching sound when you take a bite, and of course the taste – the incomparable combination of dough, cheese, herbs and sauce.

Even though the basic ingredients of pizza are all healthy, pizza is still classified as junk food. Can pizza be good and healthy for you? Yes it can. It’s only when you go crazy after the pizza toppings and the amount of pizza you eat that has given pizza its reputation of being junk food. So, what are the qualities of a healthy pizza? Well, you just have to keep it simple.

1- Go for Whole Grain Crust

We know whole grains are high in fiber. High fiber content makes you feel full and prevents you from overeating. Also, it keeps your digestive system healthy preventing you from other risks like heart diseases, type2 diabetes etc. Make sure you order a thin whole grain crust pizza. Thick crusts just increase the calorie count even if they’re whole grains.

2- Tomato Sauce

Healthy pizza is the one with extra tomato sauce. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C and they reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well. So, always ask for extra tomato sauce and some on the side as well to dip the crust into.

3- No Overdose of Cheese

No pizza is complete without cheese. And we’ll never ask you to order a pizza without any cheese. But this doesn’t mean you cannot avoid extra cheese toppings and cheese stuffed crusts and all that. Just stick with a single layer of cheese topping and it’s all good. A little extra calcium in cheese will also keep you in a lean shape.

4- Smart Toppings

Avoid pepperoni and you’re healthy at once. Pepperoni is the most liked pizza topping, but it’s certainly not the healthiest one. If you want meat then go for turkey pepperoni or Canadian bacon. However, if you want a healthy pizza, then have your preferred meat topping added on top of a veggie pizza.

5- Sides Are Important

A side salad, as colorful as it can be, is very important to dig into before you devour your pizza. Dark leafy greens like spinach; yellow chickpeas; red, orange, yellow peppers will add a wonderful nutritional value to your pizza. Salad will make you feel fuller and will prevent you from overeating pizza.

So, if you ever get to visit Ohio and have a craving for the world’s most sought after Italian delicacy in Cincinnati, then pick up your phone and contact Pizza Tower – the best pizza in Cincinnati. We have the best pizza variety that’s nutritional and won’t make you gain a couple of pounds. Order our pizza service online right now to believe why we’re the best!

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