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Tips for Hosting the Best Slumber Party
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer is just about over, and of course your kids will have sleepovers throughout the year, but every parent knows that a slumber party is best enjoyed (endured?) during the summer, when hopefully everyone can catch up on sleep lost to all-night party games, movies, and ghost stories.

If you’re hosting a slumber party before school starts up again, there are a few things that can make the experience more fun for everyone. The first—and most important—is food selection, and of course pizza is the top choice for every kid on the planet.

Ok, that was the easy part: keep the pizzas coming and all will be well. What about the rest of it? Try these tips and we promise you’ll all be in better shape post-slumber party than you would be otherwise.

You’re Ready for a Slumber Party, but Is Your Child?

You have fond memories of sleepovers from when you were a kid—but when you try to recall the details, they’re a little murky: were you 7 when you went to your first slumber party? Or was it 10? How many kids were there? Maybe 5? Maybe 15? Did everyone have fun, or was it just you?

Instead of trying to rely on your memory, ask yourself these questions about your child before suggesting a slumber party:

1. Is your child mostly independent at bedtime, or does she still rely on you to help her settle in at night?

2. Has she had a sleep over with a friend or relative before?

3. Can your child survive on very little sleep? Some kids cope better than others.

Who’s Invited?

Once you’re sure your child is ready for a slumber party, it’s time to decide the guest list. Before your child starts listing her 50 best friends, set a limit based on the size of the room the kids will be sharing, the age of the kids, or other factors like what you feel you can handle. A general rule of thumb is to start small. If this is the first sleepover, a group of 5 or less isn’t a bad idea.

It’s also a good idea to invite your child’s friends that you already know. You can predict how well the group will get along, which kids might need more help settling down for the night, and who will most likely be behind the 3:00 am dance party.

When’s the Party?

For most families, either Friday or Saturday will be the best days for a slumber party. Not only will the kids have a chance to recover from the festivities before heading back to an active schedule on Monday, but parents too will have a better chance of recuperating before the week begins again.

Establishing House Rules

Talk through or write down some basic “house rules” so guests have a clear understanding of how to behave during the party.

No leaving without permission

For safety, kids need to alert host parents that they’re headed outside before they go.

No making prank phone calls 

Just commonsense, really.

Stay in designated areas or rooms 

Give them the run of the house and you'll have that much more to clean up tomorrow.

Check in Regularly

Whenever you bring in more snacks (pizza!) and drinks, check to make sure everyone is still getting along and having fun. A room full of overexcited but exhausted kids can mean a lot of emotional turmoil. It’s never a bad idea to be on hand when the drama sets in.

Set a Bedtime 

You may not be able to get any of the kids to actually sleep, but you can set a time when you expect everyone to be settled in and quiet. Get ready for plenty of protesting from at least a few of the guests, but in reality, they all need at least a little sleep!

Short and Sweet

A good start time for a slumber party is around dinner and the best time to send guests home is just after breakfast, around 10 or 11 AM.

Whenever you host a get together—slumber party or otherwise—pizza is the best choice for feeding the crowd. Give us a call and we’ll help you plan the best party of the summer!

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