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Throwing a Great Pizza Party
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Getting together with friends isn’t just fun, it’s essential for our emotional health. But if you hesitate to have a family gathering or pull a group of friends together for an evening of fun because you don’t want to deal with cooking, we have an idea for you!

Although we love the DIY culture, there are some things that are just made to be outsourced, like pizza! Instead of spending your day in at the grocery store and in the kitchen so that your family and friends can devour all your hard work in a matter of minutes, why not order out? We can deliver a stack of Cincinnati’s favorite pizzas to your door, saving you hours and hours of labor.

If your idea of a party is even bigger than a few friends, you need more than a stack of pizzas. You need a pizza truck!

Check out the great deals and absolute ease of putting on a party when you reserve the Pizza Tower pizza truck! It really couldn’t be easier to throw a party together!

Don’t let meal planning stop you from enjoying the company of your family and friends. Put together the guest list, send out a group text, or make it an impromptu gathering after work. No matter how you get everyone together, let us handle the food—your guests would rather spend time with you than have you stuck in the kitchen anyway!

Have we made you hungry after all this pizza talk? Well give us a call!

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